Sunday, March 18, 2018
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Welcome to Raha Tours and Travel

Raha Tours “More than a Holiday”
Visiting the land of the Bible is always “More than a Holiday”, where the stories of the Bible spring to life and travelers enter the world of exciting and enthralling experience.
In this website, we offer a range of travel destinations, Palestinian & Israeli, the beauty of the desert of Jordan, the contrasts of Egypt, all combined to give the tourist an outstanding value and a satisfying experience.

Whatever your travel needs might be - whether you wish to join a holiday listed on the website or as a minister leader you require a tour specially tailored for your needs or should you wish to travel on your own, with your family,then our staff in the Holy Land will be pleased to provide you our services in designing and organizing your trip that will truly be “More than a Holiday.”

General Information

The climate in the Holy Land is reasonably predictable and seasonal. Summers can get hot, especially in the months of July and August, and it becomes quite chilly in winter, particularly in the northern hills. Snow occasionally falls on the hills and Mount Hermon in the north turns into a ski resort in the winter, but is often more sunny than cloudy. Jerusalem summers, although hot in the daytime, are fairly cool at night requiring a sweater.

The current currency in the Holy Land is Israeli Shekel.
Most stores and hotels also accept US dollars, as well as other foreign currencies. Cash and traveler's checks are always recommended. Credit cards are also a good exchange media, and more often than expected, personal checks may be accepted.

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